September 2006
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A week flies by

Four days since my last blog post.  If anyone actually read this they might have missed me…

I don’t know the result of the Pittsburgh game yet so please don’t tell me.  It’s waiting for me on Sky+ and I’ve seen about half of the first quarter.  Nobody has scored yet.  However I did get an email from Mansion – as yet unopened – with the subject "Your MANSION NFL Winnings".  Which kind of implies that the Steelers nailed it.  I’m trying to pretend that it could still go either way.  I realy don’t like sportsbooks that send you an email when you win and give the game away, and considering they’re risking $5.5m on this promotion (it was capped at 5000 bets x $1100 refund) they might consider asking their customers in a timezone where the game starts at 2am if they’d actually like to watch the game before they see the result.

I’ve been in London for a couple of days this week.  Played Wednesday night at Gutshot (£30 + 1 rebuy) and I got lucky at the right times and made it to the final table and finished 7th for £155.  I played this tournament once before and don’t remember it being quite so shooty, but it was a complete gamble.  With 25 left it looked like I was one of the top stacks with 24k but blinds of 1k/2k meant this was almost irrelevant.  Twelve big blinds was the most I’d had for about 2 hours, and I’d kept up with the pack pretty well.  I’d got to that giddy height after raising from the button with QQ.  The big blind called and we both checked the AQx flop.  He couldn’t resist moving in on the turn with king high to try and push me off my supposed button steal.  I lost with JJ against AK, calling all in for 9000 more on top of my big blind of 4000.  I thought for a moment about playing chicken, and waiting for two short stacks forced all in before the blinds came round to me again to get eliminated to try to lock in another £50, but did the right thing in the end.

Realised I can’t play the EPT Dublin satellite tomorrow so I’ve taken the W$ and will try again next week, or maybe look at a WCOOP event.  We’re going to see some friends who we haven’t seen since before they had their baby.  Years ago.  Probably turn up and find them with a teenager.

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