November 2007
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It’s like an out-of-town preview

Palazzo, the Venetian’s sister resort in Las Vegas, has delayed it’s "soft opening" from December 20th to December 28th.  Which means that I’ll be actually be in town for it, although I’m not sure if that’s really something to get excited about.

The casino will open, obviously, but there’s no rush to get all the amenities completed for this date.  The "grand opening" isn’t until January 17th and even pre-delay we knew the retail mall – an extention to the Grand Canal Shoppes and, naturally, to the canal itself – wasn’t going to be ready until Jan 18th.

I don’t imagine that missing out on a few days’ business either side of Christmas will make a whole heap of difference.  Anyone with an existing reservation has been moved to The Venetian without them breaking a sweat – there’ll be no shortage of rooms to be able to do that at that time of year.

The new opening day is the Friday before New Year, and with the 31st falling on a Monday the busiest weekend of the year in Vegas is going to be an extended one.

I don’t know how many of the 3,000 all-suite rooms in Palazzo are actually expected to be finished in time for the soft opening (let’s face it, I doubt anybody will even notice if the hotel isn’t ready as long as the casino is open) but they are taking reservations at $599 and upwards a night for New Years Eve alone, and relocating guests to a suitable alternative on the busiest night of the year might not be quite so easy if there are further delays.

I’m sure I’ll check it out, but there’s really no specific appeal to me of another Venetian; there’s not going to be another poker room (not much need with the major one in the Venetian) and the two resorts will share a players club, so there won’t even be a new member signup bonus to take advantage of!