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Spooky booze news

Sometimes I wonder whether I’ve subscribed to too many Las Vegas mailing lists, because the messages I get from a lot of them end up straight in the trash.

But then something comes along that’s just so beautifully random that it makes me glad I bother.  Like this gem, just in from Lee’s Discount Liquor.

One of the Ghostbusters is in town on Halloween.  Why?  As if he needed a reason, it’s to write his name on bottles of liquor shaped like a skull of course.

According to the promotional video for Crystal Head Vodka, which, in my opinion, talks about drinking far too responsibly, the contents is described as "only the most challenging arena in the legal recreational consumables industry".

What a buzzkill.

Dan goes on to explain that it’s top quality, authentic Canadian vodka.

I’m not a vodka drinker, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say that’s an oxymoron.  I have to admit I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

I have a feeling you’re not actually meant to drink this stuff though, especially if it’s been signed by Dr Ray Stantz, so it’s probably irrelevant.  May as well be a bottle of ectoplasm.

FWIW, I’m on Lee’s mailing list because I love their sub-$20 deals on huge 1.75L bottles of Jim Beam.  This is mindblowing to someone who lives in the UK, where it’s considered a premium bourbon and it’s usually twice the price for half as much.

On the other hand, Americans seem to think that Newcastle Brown is a fine imported beer.  I guess it’s all about perspective.

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