February 2008
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What Cher has to look forward to

Turns out the rumours were true – Cher is on her way to Caesars Palace.  It’s almost official!  Word has already made it to the local Las Vegas news channels and you can expect the Harrah’s marketing machine to start bringing the hype pretty soon.

Soon Cher’s face will be on the Caesars marquee sign, all over their casino chips and on her own tacky portrait over the casino entrance.

Same surely goes for Bette Midler, who starts performing there later this month.  Seems a safe bet to assume that Elton John will not be renewing his contract again when it expires later this year.

But Cher and Bette can’t have it all just yet.  You have to join the ranks of the Caesars alumni before some of the really great stuff is made in your honour.  Just so you don’t go forgetting about Celine Dion just, there’s some fabulous souveniers up for grabs, including an actual piece of the stage from the Colosseum (Elton and Seinfeld obviously bring their own) for a how-can-you-refuse price of just $149.

Or what about this fabulous collectors’ piece?  The price for two ticket stubs and six red chips is a mere $249.  Calling it a scrapbook really is doing it a disservice – it’s a lovely frame, you have to admit.

What you really want though is a souvenier you can drink, and thankfully there’s someone waiting to cash in on that urge.  In fact this is brand new this week, according to the spam I just got.  You can finally spend $90 on a bottle of official "Celine Dion – A New Day" wine.  Just two months after the 5-year show ended.

It’s such a shame none of these won’t ship internationally.  Otherwise I’d need another excuse.

EDIT: It’s official.