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8th donut from the sun

I thought it would be virtually impossible to reach a prize-worthy position in any of the new PokerStars Battle of the Planets sit-and-go leaderboards playing only single table tournaments, but obviously I just forgot how great I am.

Seriously though, look at this unbelievable run of results I needed to even get up to 8th place: 7 x 1st, 5 x 2nd and 3 x 3rd.

That’s 15 in-the-money finishes out of 20 tournaments.  Call it a game of skill if you like, but that kind of form takes more than a little luck.

You can see from my profit graph that I’ve never had a streak quite like it before.  Isn’t it pretty?

I know there’s bound to be an almighty downswing waiting around the corner, but I can brag while it’s going well can’t I?

Each Battle of the Planets league ends on Saturday night and resets on Sunday morning so there’s still two full days of play left and my position certainly isn’t safe.  504 points was enough for both 7th and 8th place last week, but right now 8th place is the best I can possibly get with that score.

If I manage to stay in to the top ten, I’ll win some cash (it’s $80 for 8th) and a ticket to the monthly $50,000 freeroll.  It’s a triple shootout format (729 players max) but with eight different leagues, two "orbits" in each and ten players winning a ticket each week, in a four-week month that’s 640 tickets given away for the tournament.  Some players will win two tickets and some winners won’t turn up so the value of the freeroll ticket must be at least $100.

If I don’t hang on to the giddy heights of top ten stardom, there’s still some prize money for finishing in the top 30.  I should have a pretty good shot at that at least.

I realised – completely by accident when I happened to load the right number of tournament summaries into Poker Tracker at the right time – that I’d recently reached $10,000 spent on these turbo SNG entries.  I only mention it because that same money (if I actually had it all in the same place at the same time) would get me one World Series of Poker Main Event entry.

Doing things this way involves a little less variance, though.  Sure, I’m not going to win ten million but I’m also not going to lose ten grand all to one suckout.  It’d take 625 different suckouts.

Here’s the magic stats:

I still can’t believe that this is close to being a reliable sample size.  My last eight results alone (1st, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 1st) pushed the overall ROI up from the 16.6% shown here to 18.4%.  Maybe when I’ve played a few thousand I’ll have a little more confidence in the numbers.

EDIT: 5 hours to go and I’m 10th.  Gonna be close.

EDIT: Sodding eleventh.  A big fuck you to "$tr8t Hu$tla" who not only has a shit screen name, he also waited until the very last minute to score 521 points.  I hope I get the chance to bust you soon!

4 comments to 8th donut from the sun

  • That is some sick run and then so harsh to come 11th. Are you still trying to get a win in the league?

  • First place last week got 610 points, and to beat that would need something like 13 1sts and 1 2nd or 10 1sts and 6 2nds out of 20 games. I’m sure the top scorers are playing the multi-table SNGs. They still have to get results, but when you get a few firsts all together you get so many more points.

    So I’m not going out of my way to try to win the league, I could play for years and never have another streak like that. Most weeks I figure I’ll play 100 SNGs anyway which is the maximum 5 entries into the low orbit, and one go at the high orbit. It costs no extra so it’s a nice little bit of added value (I still got $50 for the 11th place!)

    I doomswitched myself by blogging this obv. After this insane string of results I went 56 games without a win!

  • Since Poker Tracker 3 was finally released a couple of weeks ago I’ve been dying to try out it’s graphing features, hoping that it would mean I’d be able to stop using my clunky Excel spreadsheet to keep track of tournament results and let it do all the h

  • What type of graph is this?  I have no idea.I asked Excel for a line graph, but it looks like it doesn’t want to play ball, even though the x-axis data definitely is taken from continuous date and times, with values to the nearest second.I guess it’ll do.

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