June 2006
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Why don’t you just give me your chips then?

PokerRoom 2/4 Hold’em (8 handed)
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Preflop: is SB with As, Qh.
3 folds, MP2 calls, 2 folds, lucky_donut raises, 1 fold, MP2 calls.
Flop: (4.50 SB) Kc, Kd, 4d (2 players)
lucky_donut bets, MP2 calls.
Turn: (3.25 BB) Td (2 players)
lucky_donut checks, MP2 folds.
Final Pot: 3.25 BB
Main Pot: 3.25 BB, returned to SB.
No showdown. SB wins 3.25 BB.

Well I certainly can’t complain. I just don’t understand what hand he could have had here though to fold like that, on the turn and in position to take a free card. If it’s worth $2 to call the flop, it’s worth $0 to see one last card, surely? This wasn’t a disconnect either, it was a pretty quick fold but he was around next hand and not sitting out.

I was in check-fold mode here, perhaps a little weak but thinking that there’s not much I’m beating that can could call the flop bet – you have to expect a pair or better or a flush draw, which just hit. Best case is AJ or A9, which is pretty unlikely. For the size of the pot, I’m not going to throw chips away trying to take this one by force a second time. I can’t call any bet with one overcard and a gutshot draw, none of which are clean outs.

I can’t see a small pocket pair folding here to no bet – nothing to be embarassed about, and it feels like he was drawing to something, missed and then decided he didn’t want to show. Occasionally you see this, however daft it is, just so players don’t have to reveal their cards but it’s always on the river – this was a card too early. It would have to be two cards lower than a K, which is a muppet call on the flop, but not QJ (which now has a straight draw), QT or JT (which now has a pair) – so what, Q9 or J9 calling a flop bet here and hoping to catch something?

I don’t get it, but tyvm anyway 🙂