June 2006
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Running Hot to the WSOP! [Part 3]

The good fortune continues.  I am H-O-T-T.

Back online this time, and I was logged into Blue Square Poker.  I hardly ever play here – most of the tournaments have rebuys and are complete donkfests.  Potentially profitable, but very frustrating, and there are many other games I’d rather play.  The strong contingent of British players doesn’t help.  Makes it a totally different game, and not in a good way.  I’m bound to rant about this some other time, so I’ll leave it at that for the time being 🙂

I’d actually logged in to check out the satellites for Poker 6, which sounds like a great tournament and I wanted to qualify to have a crack at this.  With live qualifiers as well as online, I was planning on having a few attempts.  However I’ve since realised I can’t play on the second day (going to see Pet Shop Boys) which would make it all a bit pointless.

Anyway, I sit in their freeroll with a $200 prize pool – eventually I finish up with $3 from this – hoorah! – and an alert pops up for a $100 freezeout about to start.  The prize pool is $3.5k guaranteed and there were only 19 players registered at the time.  I’m thinking this could be a great way to press up my winnings from the Party Poker shootouts and I just can’t resist.  I scramble for my switch card to get enough money in my account to play and just make it.

One of the annoying things about Blue Sq is that you have to do transactions in £ but then play games in $.  I have Neteller in USD, which is not accepted, and two visa cards on USD bank accounts.  No good – I still have to play in pounds and be at the mercy of their exchange rates.

At kick off there were 26 players registered, but that’s still a good overlay on the prize money – works out at $34 each and even with a $9 entry fee they are giving me $25 to taking part, which I always like!  Top five were getting paid, and the top prize of $1470 was as good as my coveted seat in WSOP Event 37.

This game was amazingly different to anything I’d played on Blue Sq before.  People folded.  People knew when they were beat.  There were some very strong players who managed to not go broke with hands that would cost many players their entire stack.  I was pretty impressed.

I was more impressed that I managed to get to the final table with a decent stack remaining.  I was even more impressed that I scraped second place, after being short stacked with 4 remaining.  Two of the big stacks went against each other, leaving three short stacks and a big stack who didn’t really want to play any more. 

I think I had quite a tight image, judging by the dialog between Conbert (3rd place finisher) and some railbird. 

conbert : im well ***** off
conbert : lucky donut mr i need a hand to raise
conbert : n sumhow gets thru
SammyArry6 : maybe luckydonut is better?!
conbert : win 55 coinflip
conbert : i had the worst cards when it went 3 handed
conbert : by far
conbert : feels well sick though
conbert : luckydonut thinks a rag ace is a fold heads up

Here’s why I’m a bad player too.

conbert : the j9 was turnin point
conbert : bets 288 flop
conbert : 228 flop
conbert : i have 89
conbert : call to trap
conbert : ne he turns j
SammyArry6 : sick
conbert : first time in my life its happened to me

Wow, nice trap with a shit pair.  First time in his life someone hit a 3-outer on him without making them pay for the next card?  I got real lucky.

SammyArry6 : i’m layin fu muppet at 1/100 to win
SammyArry6 : luckydonut available at 25’s
SammyArry6 : perhaps it should be 10000000000000000000000000/1?

So they don’t fancy my chances.  Well the other guy only had a 3-1 chip advantage…  It actually lasted just one more hand so he woz right innit.

Seat 5 : LUCKYD0NUT has $10,680
Seat 6 : fu muppet has $41,320
Stakes: 600/1,200 Current level: 9 Level up in: 14 min. Break in: 56 min.
LUCKYD0NUT is the dealer.
LUCKYD0NUT posted small blind.
fu muppet posted big blind.
Dealing Hole Cards.
Seat 5 : LUCKYD0NUT has Qd 9c
LUCKYD0NUT called 600 and raised 9,480 and is All-in
fu muppet called 9,480
Seat 5 : LUCKYD0NUT has Qd 9c
Seat 6 : fu muppet has 5s 5d
Board cards [8c 3c Ah 4h Th]
LUCKYD0NUT has High Card : Ace
fu muppet has Pair: 5s
fu muppet wins 21,360 with Pair: 5s

Anything wrong with the push here?

Anyway, 2nd place got me $875.  Total profit from Blue Sq: $766