August 2006
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911 Emergency!

I called 911 today. There’s something you can’t do at home.

Well it’s not that exciting really. There was a car on fire in the Cannery parking garage just as we were leaving, and a guy running with a fire extinguisher asked if I had a cellphone. I obliged, and then we left. On the way out we saw a fire truck pulling out of North Las Vegas Fire Station #52 just around the corner. That sounds like a lot of fire stations to me.

We were only at the Cannery to exploit a couple of matchplay coupons and we lost them both. The dealer was miserable as hell too. This was part of a coupon spree around North Las Vegas, which we began at the Wildfire with two completely free burgers and $15 in free slot play. We finished at the Speedway which must be the only casino left in town that has video poker machines that actually take quarters and pay out your winnings in coin. This alone made it worth sticking around long enough to earn 300 slot points so that we can go back any time this week now and spin a wheel for free money.

The Speedway is a bit of an oddity. It’s not really a neighbourhood casino, more of a truck stop right next to a ramp off the I-15. There’s plenty of parking for big rigs and a gas station, but they still have a slot club and free live entertainment. Sadly we were just leaving as the Mexican lounge band started to play.