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Put a dime on it

The award for best sports betting promotion ever goes to Mansion, who have set up this little gem for the start of the NFL season.

Place a bet of $1100 on Pittsburgh to beat Miami on Thursday and they will refund your stake if you don’t win.

You can’t bet less than $1100, and if you bet any more the maximum refund is still $1100.  And you have to back the Steelers.  But if you can bankroll this bet a, it has a huge risk free return.  The bet you have to make is a point spread handicap at -110, therefore paying $1000 for the $1100 wager.  That’s a free shot at a grand.  Or, as I’ve done, you can hedge it (as long as you use a different site) and lock in nearly $500 profit guaranteed!

The point spread was actually zero when I placed the bet, so I backed PIT with $1100 to win $1000 and then hedged betting MIA using their promotional -107 line at CanBet, risking $535 to win $500.  Except really there’s no risk:

If PIT win, I win $1000 and lose $535, net profit $465.

If MIA win, I win $500 but do not lose on the other bet.

So I guess I’ll be cheering for Miami on Thursday, to try to win the extra $35.  That’s about as much as I’d normally put on a game…!

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  • Playing beyond your bankroll completely rocks when you get lucky. I knew the PokerDome satellite was too expensive for me to justify buying into direct.  Even with its awesome added value – a $215 seat was worth $343 tonight – I’m just not serious enoug

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