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Party Poker Bonus – $1/$2 Limit Hold’em

Interesting (for me, anyway) to see how playing a 1000 hand bonus on Party Poker compares at $1/$2 to my last bonus which I played on $25NL.

Hands played:  1482 (for 1000 raked hands)
Hours played:  20.7 (approx 10 hours, playing 2 or 3 tables)
Rake paid:     $57.50
Amount won:    $59.81 (2.02 BB per 100 hands)
Win rate:      $5.98/hr
Bonus awarded: $100
Rate w/ bonus: $15.98/hr

I only played 2 or 3 tables at a time for this bonus, as I was doing other things whilst I cleared the bonus – mostly just working through a huge backlog of emails that had built up whilst I was away.  So my hourly rate is down, but the overall win rate is not bad for this level.  Given that I got creamed at $1/$2 on Party the last time I tried to do a whole bonus, I’m pretty pleased.

I paid almost twice as much rake as last time, but won more overall and Party still lost over $40 on this bonus!

Here’s the rest, stat lovers:

Vol. Put $ In Pot:       15.52%
Pre-flop Raise:           8.77%
Post-flop Aggression:     3.69
Won $ When Saw Flop:     38.63%
Went to Showdown:        26.35%
Won $ At Showdown:       63.01%
Folded SB to Steal:     100.00%
Folded BB to Steal:      44.44%
Attempt to Steal Blinds: 32.38%

I need to look into the significance of some of these again.  I’m very happy with my aggression (grrrr), but from what I recall winning 63% of showdowns is a little too high and could indicate that I’m folding too often to a river bet.  Might be defending too many big blinds too.  Gotta love them stats…

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  • It’s time for Party Poker’s occasional, but always welcome, $100 deposit bonus.

    I played this in almost exactly the same way to the last one, so let’s see how it compares, shall we?

    Hands played: 1474 (for 1000 raked hands)
    Hours played: 20.1 (

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