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I don’t speak freaky deaky Dutch

This player’s screen name might be "italian62", but the poker software shows his location as Amsterdam, and he definitely talks trash in Dutch.

Most of his comments up to this point in the game had been along the lines of "pfffffffft" or other such language-neutral noises, and at times it was just a string of random characters – presumably caused by banging his fists on the keyboard in rage.

He was pretty tilty.

The little "holding hands" icon shows that he’d made my buddy list.  In fact, by playing more than 50% of hands I’d been datamining, he’d actually made the list before I sat next to him.

I won two hands back-to-back before this outburst:

1. He limped in and I raised with JJ.  He called and then immediately folded, first to act on an ace-high flop.  He was obviously more scared of the ace than I was.

2. He limped, I raised with AQ and he called.  We both caught a pair on a Q72 flop and he called down with 87 when I bet on every street.  Hardly spectacular.

Then, he made actual words: "Kanker donut".

According to Babel Fish, it means "cancer donut".  However that’s a very literal translation which really doesn’t convey the subtle idiom of the insult.

Is he telling me he wishes I would get cancer?  Is he likening me to a horrible disease?  Or am I completely missing the point?

If I could ascertain this, I think I could have a pretty good guess at what his next insult (sadly, not aimed at me) meant: "Kankerhomo".

Smoke and a pancake?

1 comment to I don’t speak freaky deaky Dutch

  • Sidge

    I usually reply with

    “English must be used in the cardroom at all times.”

    however in this case, and to keep this in line with the blog title I meant have replied with

    “How about no, you crazy dutch bastard!”

    Still quite an interesting choice of insult from him.

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