April 2009
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He ain’t heavy, he’s my monkey

Here are some of the photos Claire and I submitted for the PokerStars "Monkey Madness" promotion, and some others that didn’t make the cut., from our trips to London and Salzburg earlier in the year.

Monkey at Buck House:

The weather was just grim the whole time we were there, which makes the photo a bit dismal really.  This was the best of a gloomy bunch.

If the sky looks crap, crop it tight to avoid the sky.  Fine in theory.  But in this one, somehow we managed to completely miss two girls with their heads up a statue’s arse. 

Monkey at the foot of Nelson’s Column:

I really like this angle, but the picture could benefit from just the slightest hint of colour in the horrible English sky.  It’s one of the reasons I’m finally learning to use Photoshop…

Monkey at Thorpe Park:

I thought we’d have big fun taking him on some coasters.  Two problems though: not only the shitty weather (surprise) but also half the park was closed, so this was actually the only photo op we got.

Monkey in Salzburg:

Nothing says Salzburg like a statue of Mozart.  In fact the whole town is nothing but Mozart Street, Mozart Museum, Wolfgang’s Bar and Grill, the Amadeus toothpaste factory, etc.

The only other famous thing associated with Salzburg is The Sound Of Music.  So why on earth wouldn’t there be a painted lifesize cow to celebrate this?

Of course, I would have taken some photos of Monkey in Las Vegas if the competition had allowed for it.  Unfortunately, the closing date was this Wednesday, so the timing was just slightly wrong.

However I did use a little trickery to try to create some "Monkey <3 Vegas" shots.  I’ll set those to post on here tomorrow while I’m on a plane, and then try to take the real thing next week.

I’m actually packed now too.  So is monkey.  Vegas here we come!