August 2009
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Day 16: The red room

Five nights in Paris Las Vegas: the first truly unnecessary hotel rental of this trip.

I only took this one because I’d never stayed there before.  It was the first – and just about the only time – I’ve seen dates available as fully comped under my account, and given that it’s a miracle I’m still getting room offers from Harrah’s at all surely the last chance to check it out.  I was just a bit curious as to what the place was like.

In the pecking order of Harrah’s casinos, based on typical room rates Paris seems to sit in second place – below Caesars Palace and above Rio.  So I expected something quite fancy – especially when we were given an upgrade to a newly remodelled "Red Room".

It may well be as "chic" as they claim, but I have to admit that I don’t really get it. 

Aside from the red blankets, there was also a bit of red padding behind the beds…

…and a red wall in the bathroom. 

There’s a big-ass television…

… and a well stocked mini-bar.  That’s traditionally something you don’t get in a Las Vegas hotel, but more properties are starting to like the idea of charging $4 for half a tube of Pringles these days.

The finer design features were clearly lost on me, and it just seemed like a fairly typical hotel room, although it actually felt a little on a small side compared to other places I’ve stayed.  Which is a bit odd, because although these rooms have been renovated, the resort is not quite ten years old.  Not exactly a relic.

It hardly seems worth the hype of giving a special name to this type of room, and not quite what I was expecting from a Red Room…

4 comments to Day 16: The red room

  • Jim

    That is a nice hotel, what is your house rental like?

  • We got the same house as last year so it was very easy to settle. Even been in the pool this time, although it’s tiny and only gets deep for about a foot in the middle. No bombing.

  • In a game of blackjack today, I doubled down on hard 16. It’s one of the worst plays you can make and – against a dealer’s ten, as it was – is one of the very few plays that has a expected loss of more than your original bet. You would actually lose l

  • I may have mentioned before now my tendency to stock up on small bars of soap and tiny bottles of shampoo whenever I stay in a hotel. The usual routine, working on the assumption that things that are partially used or missing when the maid comes the nex

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