August 2009
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Day 29: Welcome to shagadelic Las Vegas

This weekend, Downtown Las Vegas is hosting Woodstock-Palooza, which features loads of different tribute bands playing on the two stages under the canopy as well as the usual "Summer of ’69" theming that’s smothering the area this summer.

We were Downtown for quite a while this evening, dotting between casinos on a craps crawl that was significantly more successful than usual (in other words, we left with money!) but I didn’t really see much of the musical entertainment.

When I heard a woman start singing, I turned to Claire and said "What really? Tina Turner was at Woodstock?".  She told me she thought it was probably meant to be Janis Joplin but I didn’t buy it.

I guess it was a bit of work on the side for one lucky Dealertainer.

A lot of the folks there were well into it.  Peace and love were all around and there was plenty of organised dancing (which this video captured much better than anything I got myself).

And, really, what better statement of flower power is there than wearing a balloon hat shaped like a daisy while you get drunk and gamble?

We did get to see an awesomely groovy show on the big screen canopy.  I don’t know if this one is just on this weekend for the Woodstock thing or it’s been there the whole summer alongside the less-appropriately themed shows featuring the music of Queen and Kiss.

It’s taken them nearly fifteen years to figure this out, but trippy psychedelic graphics are clearly what the massive Fremont Street Experience was made for.  It was extremely cool.

If you click through to YouTube you can watch the video in stunning high definition.  Although, really, it’s still no comparison to seeing it on a 1500 foot long screen…