October 2006
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Maybe, just maybe, I can finally beat $2/$4…

I really don’t want to say this.  I’m still not completely sure I believe it.  But the figures look good – there is a very real chance that I can actually beat the $2/$4 game on PokerRoom now, and for a decent rate too.  There have been two monster bonuses the last couple of months – $250 and $500 to mark the launch of their Silver Room and Gold Room programs respectively.  This has given me a much bigger sample to look at than any of the Party Poker bonuses I’ve played, and then posted up the mindnumbing stats.

Here are the equally mindnumbing stats from my last two months grinding PokerRoom.  I’ve really had to guess at how long I spent playing in total, sometimes I only played two tables, but usually, and particularly the past few weeks, I played four at a time.

Hands played:  9140      (for 7500 FPPs)
Hours played:  132.6     (approx 40 man hours)
Rake paid:     $796.00   (they make $46.00 from my action)
Amount won:    $827.60   (2.26 BB per 100 hands)
Win rate:      $20.69/hr
Bonus awarded: $750.00
Rate w/bonus:  $39.44/hr

Now, if you don’t mind me saying so, this is bloody good!  I’ve made more than two big bets per 100 hands in a sample size of over 9000 hands.  Not a massive sample by any means, but big enough to suggest to me that, even if I did run pretty hot towards the end, I could turn a steady profit here.  Before this, I have 13,000 hands logged from PokerRoom $2/$4 and ran at a a loss of $168 (0.33BB per 100 hands).  The deposit bonuses more than made up for this, but it didn’t leave me with a great hourly rate.  I don’t know how significant this really is, but I’m staring at a losing record before the summer and a winning record since I got back from four weeks in Vegas…

Here’s the vitals.

Vol. Put $ In Pot:       15.97%
Pre-flop Raise:           9.77%
Post-flop Aggression:     3.35
Won $ When Saw Flop:     38.62%
Went to Showdown:        30.72%
Won $ At Showdown:       57.41%
Folded SB to Steal:      87.76%
Folded BB to Steal:      55.92%
Attempt to Steal Blinds: 36.30%

I won more with KK than with AA, even though I had it fewer times, and my worst losing hand was AQo ($76 lost in 84 hands).  I was profitable with KQo to the tune of 50 cents.  Still room for improvement then…

Only problem is PokerRoom have already stopped American players depositing, and in less than two weeks they’ll be blocked from playing completely.  Even if the games are still suited to my style with whatever players remain (I still don’t feel confident enough to call the games "soft" with any certainty), four-tabling there is not going to be possible very often.  I think it might be time to try PokerStars again and see how badly I get my arse kicked on there now.