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A Little Background Music

I’ve added a music player feature to my blog, based on a similar plugin for WordPress by 1pixelout.  If I hadn’t hacked it quite so horribly I might consider releasing the code for other Serendipity users, but it’s really that bad.  It’s because of the need to give the players individual sequence numbers if there’s more than one on a page, if anybody cares in the least.  It works, as you’ll see, but it’s not my finest work by a long way.

Music is the one feature of MySpace I actually wanted, but I promise I won’t set it to start playing as soon as you load the page, then never change the song for months on end.  I was thinking I’d use this to add the odd musical accompaniment to my posts.  Not so, it seems, because the first audio I’ve come to post is actually a clip from a podcast.

Five Hundy By Midnight is one of the few podcasts I actually manage to keep up to date with, from the gazillions I’m subscribed to.  iTunes is telling me I have over 400 shows to listen to right now – maybe I should be a little more disciplined.  This clip might not be the very best advert for FHBM in the world ever; it’s pretty much random even for a ten second teaser (I’ve not asked permission to post this, and keeping it short obviously makes it much less an infringement of copyright) but it does feature my new favourite phrase and a laugh at Celine Dion’s expense.  Sweet.  Go ahead and hit the play button.  Twice if you have Internet Explorer.  Then you can make an informed decision to subscribe to their show.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

They’re talking about the cock up and subsequent pass-the-bucket-i’m-gonna-hurl statement by Harrah’s exec Jan Jones about the alleged high rolling antics of Celine Dion’s husband, Rene Angelil in an interview with the Observer.  In fact, now that Harrah’s have put the record straight, we know that Rene is not millions in the hole, but he is in fact about even.

Google doesn’t really find much for "Celine shit fit meltdown".  I’m hoping I’ll be the first to bag that juicy traffic now…

Hey Tim, Michele – if you actually get any hits from this (which is unlikely, let’s be honest) give me a shout OK?  Or sue me, your call. 🙂

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  • Tim

    I’m glad you dig our silly little podcast. I promise not to have a shit-fit meltdown over the borrowed audio clip. Thanks for the plug.

  • I have read, albeit with some scepticism, the account of Richard Brodie being barred from all Harrah’s casino properties on the grounds that he is simply a lucky player.Brodie is the author of Microsoft Word, a ball and chain that will no doubt follow hi

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