June 2007
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Taking a shot

I reached my target of $2000 won at NL50 today.  After the steady climb from $0 to about $1300, everything went very erratic with a frustrating long period without any overall win, a massive upswing, a big downswing and then another big upswing.  I was in two minds whether this was indeed the right time to move up – I really didn’t want to do it on a massive upswing because I knew that wasn’t sustainable and the doomswitch would be just around the corner.

Tonight I took the plunge.  This is only a shot at the higher limit, and I decided that if I fall 5 buy-ins then I should drop down again for a while.  It’s difficult to report anything after one session (I played about 800 hands) but I don’t think the higher stakes are particularly scaring me yet.   I had something of a baptism of fire, running into quads with a full house on my first orbit and then being treated to the wrong end of a set vs set battle three times.  I don’t actually have the figures for how rare this is (probably something I should know) but I don’t think I’d been on the losing end of set vs set three times in total at the lower level!

I know it’ll be tough if I continue to see my bankroll slip away so rapidly, but so far the game doesn’t feel too different and I felt like I was in control.  I’m used to raising using clicks on the bet slider, so a 3x pre-flop raise is still two clicks, even though it’s now $3, not $1.50.

Watch this space – more graphs to come for sure!