June 2008
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The view, revisited

A few more pictures of the spectacular view I had from my suite at the Rio, now I’ve had chance to sort through them a little bit.

Panning the entire view from right to left we see: Imperial Palace, Harrah’s and Venetian, with parts of Caesars in the foreground (the Colosseum is far right).

Then Mirage, Palazzo, Wynn, Treasure Island and Encore…

… condos, condos, condos and construction of the Fontainebleau project.

Trump and Stratosphere, with the Circus Circus Adventuredome in the foreground.  Downtown Las Vegas is in the distance, with the Plaza far left.


Continuing all the way round to the left, we see the other Rio hotel tower and the pool, with the Valley stretching out towards the North.

Finally, a wide shot of the Strip at sunrise, from Stratosphere (far left) to Imperial Palace (far right).  If it wasn’t for the funny glare in parts of the picture I think this would be my favourite photo ever.  I guess I’ll just have to learn how to use Photoshop…

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  • I do try my best to make sure it doesn’t happen too often any more, but now and again I still have to pay for a Las Vegas hotel room.For this Christmas I’d already scored 5 nights for free at the Rio and several months ago I booked the remaining 6 nights

  • The view from my room at the Rio is slightly different to last time, but still very cool.This time it’s the 18th floor of the Ipanema tower, which means that the main thing you can see is the Rio’s other tower, which glows magnificently – even under these

  • I still can’t get over just how recklessly Harrah’s have been giving away free hotel rooms, but I’m not complaining. As our reservation at the Rio was booked in Claire’s name and she’s literally only gambled about $20 on her players card since she h

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