January 2009
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The way God intended gambling to sound

There aren’t many slots or video poker machines left in Las Vegas that pay out using actual coins.

Most of the time, I love the ticket-in-ticket-out system.  But when you hit a big win, you just can’t beat hearing that clank of metal on metal several hundred times.

Oh, and I miss the incessant dinging.  It’s never annoying if it means you’re getting paid.

The brief recorded "kerching" noise you get while your ticket prints – the same sound whether you won a jackpot or just cashed out your last few cents – just can’t compete.

This is a snippet of a 600 coin payout by a vintage machine in the Fremont casino after Claire hit quads on Pick’em Poker for $150 in quarters.

They’re an endangered species – this could be the last time I ever see a significant coin payout in person.

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  • What better way to start the weekend than with a batch of casino mail to wade through? I know some of the stuff is a couple of weeks out of date by the time it arrives but having a big parcel of offers forwarded from a mailbox whenever it fills up is sur

  • I’ve been saying for months that I had more free hotels rooms than I could use during my trip to Las Vegas this summer. Between us, Claire and I have already booked 24 unnecessary nights. You know – just in case we want to use their

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