February 2009
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Chipping me up

I signed up to a couple of weeks ago.  This is a site where you can buy and sell small pieces of action in poker tournaments.

It’s a bit like what I already do with some of the live tournaments I play, but it’s running around the clock and you can buy shares for anything upwards of a dollar, mostly for online poker.

I have had mixed success so far backing players, but tonight it’s my turn to hold my hand out asking for money.  I’m playing two tournaments on PokerStars: the Sunday Warm-Up ($215) and the Daily Eighty Grand ($55) – although the Eighty Grand is actually guaranteed at $125,000 today.

I offered half of my action in the $55 tournament and it sold out in minutes.  So I decided to go for something a bit more ambitious and have listed 75% of the $215.  I’ll still play this regardless of how many shares I sell, but if you want a piece head over to and snap one up.

Or contact me directly if you can’t be bothered to set up an account at  To say that their web site could benefit from a usability study is an understatement, but if you can get past that (to be honest, it took me a few attempts) the underlying service is really rather good.

Live updates (click graphs for more details):


EDIT: Sunday Million, finished 890th from 4069 runners.  Went out with the best hand (A5 vs 95) obv.

EDIT: Eighty Grand, finished 45th from 4460 runners.  Bit better 🙂  Won $401.40, of which 40% goes to my backers.

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