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Grate rates

This is what I saw when I opened a mailshot from Circus Circus today before pressing "load images".  Sorry, but I had to get my red pen out.

3 comments to Grate rates

  • Victor

    How about these rates –

    Your best room rates for Harrah’s Las Vegas (based upon your casino play history with us) will be as follows:

    Room Type: Classic

    Rates (without tax):

    6/15/09 $40.00
    6/16/09 $40.00
    6/17/09 $40.00
    6/18/09 $40.00
    6/19/09 $65.00
    6/20/09 $65.00
    6/21/09 $40.00
    6/22/09 $40.00
    6/23/09 $40.00
    6/24/09 $40.00
    6/25/09 $40.00
    6/26/09 $70.00
    6/27/09 $70.00
    6/28/09 $40.00

    Subtotal: $670.00
    Total (with tax): $730.30

    Not bad considering I only play poker and don’t put any money in the machines or table games. I guess that I must have put many hours playing poker at Harrah’s – Any way I have booked at these rates and will us the free transfer to world series of poker each day that I play, or if i just go over to the Rio to use their pool – See you there?

  • Those rates are pretty good without any gambling history, but Las Vegas is literally giving away hotel rooms right now. You might still find a better offer nearer the time, you never know. So keep your eyes peeled (there’s no penalty for cancelling with if something better comes along).

    Did you check your Rio rates as well? The default view shows a premium suite but if you change the room type to “deluxe studio suite” it’s much cheaper.

    I’m not sure if you’ll be able to use the Rio pool if you are staying at Harrah’s. You need to show a room key or diamond/seven stars players card to get entry. They may accept room keys from sister properties, although I am not sure.

  • Jim

    great offers atm, just wish i had time and a flight to get over there!

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