March 2009
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Here, have a dollar. In fact no, brother man, here have $1.50

A couple of days ago I was kicked off the iPoker network while playing on two tables.  I knew it wasn’t a problem with my internet because I was still connected to PokerStars at the time, and carried on playing without incident.

A similar thing had happened earlier the same day, when I wasn’t playing at the time, just datamining.  However the second time I had (carefully chosen) seats on two tables and by the time I reconnected (which took less than 30 seconds) I’d been booted and someone else was sitting to the left of my good buddies, SirFishio and McDonkalot.

This happening twice so close together seemed a bit weird.  I didn’t expect anything to come of it, but I wrote to support on the offchance that they could use the information to help find a problem, which I suspected was coming from the network itself.

The result, basically, is that I think they tipped me.

Chris, please be informed that it been determined that you were in fact
disconnected from the table "Hastinapur" (1509348483) as a result of temporary connection problems with the card room.  As a result, a refund of $1.50 will be credited to your poker account shortly.

I didn’t expect any compensation.  As far as I know, I didn’t lose anything through being timed out.  I wasn’t involved in a hand and I’m pretty sure from the hand histories that survived that I’d not posted a blind recently.  So I missed out on playing a few free hands, out of position, and even if I could put a value on this, it wouldn’t be much.

So, a buck fifty?  Kinda random, but thanks I guess.

They went on:

However, your connection problem from the "Agartala" (509182411) was not due to any connection problems on the side of the card room.

So while they acknowledged that one was a connection problem with the card room, the other one – at exactly the same time – apparently was not.  Riiiiiiiiiight.

This makes my head hurt, but I guess I’m $1.50 up on the deal…

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