April 2010
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Club class

Live photo stream.  It’s quite busy so I might not be able to take many pics…

I am enjoying the complimentary pastrami and watching The Sound of Music.  It is a bank holiday, after all.

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Strike that

Online check-in for my flight opened at 4:05pm.  I was a little slower than usual, but at 4:09pm I had a decision to make.

“Do you want to upgrade to Club World for £399?”, said the British Airways web site.

Apparently I did want to.  As shown below with possibly the best use of the strikethrough text I have ever seen on a web page.

Clearly to offer this they must have plenty of empty seats in business class on that flight, and if I hadn’t bought the upgrade it would have been going to a lucky winner at the gate tomorrow instead.  But as I have zero status with BA and it’s a big plane, the chances of me being that lucky winner were virtually zero.

However I do fully intend to win this back in Vegas.  Or at least eat enough free food on Claire’s RFB at the Four Queens to offset it.  Watch this space.

Scream if you want to go to Las Vegas

I was barely paying attention to the radio when I heard this clip yesterday.

Simon Mayo is talking to Nick Thompson, Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, about fairground and theme park rides ready for the long weekend ahead.

It came as something of a surprise to hear someone whose job it is to travel the world and try out every ride ever built (and what a great job that must be) basically admit that he bobbed his pants on X-Scream at the top of the Stratosphere.

I have never had the balls to go on the one that I often call “that stupid see-saw thing”, and hearing this isn’t likely to make it happen any sooner.

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