September 2022
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The best selling book in its class - fact!

The Gambler’s Book Club wants to re-order supplies of The Ultimate Video Poker Pocket Book!

This means that, depending on their re-order level, the number of people who have already discovered the joys of having pages and pages of gambling strategy tables in a handy, take-anywhere format could be as many as twelve.

That’s a pretty solid average of nearly two copies per month flying out the door since I sent them the first batch last November.

Actually, it’s slightly more than that.  At least one copy has been sold through – and it had even had such an impact on the reader that he left a review:

Try reading that aloud without doing air quotes.  I bet you can’t.

But wait – the iPhone version is doing even better!  I’ve sold a whopping 44  units.  And only one of those, as far as I know, was accidentally to myself 🙂

It’s surely only a matter of time before my mug shot is used to endorse some shady off-strip casino.  (Anyone interested: I’ll accept food comp or matchplay coupons for the image rights).

If you don’t already have a copy of what must surely be the best selling small format video poker strategy guidebook in the world (just show me another one that’s doing better) what are you waiting for?

Visit for more information.  If I sell another dozen copies, I might even finish that web site…

Cheap Trick baseball cap arrives…

… cleverly disguised as a CD.  (Courtesy of Paris Las Vegas)

I still think it’s a bit weird that this is even a thing, but it’s actually quite good.

Here’s a taster:

Just two of the great things about Las Vegas

The legendary shrimp cocktail and free beads, obviously.

Club class

Live photo stream.  It’s quite busy so I might not be able to take many pics…

I am enjoying the complimentary pastrami and watching The Sound of Music.  It is a bank holiday, after all.

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What's your favourite posish?

Readers of, I’m afraid you are wrong.

The recently announced “Trippies” award non-ceremony included this spiteful slur on what has become my favourite place to play poker in Las Vegas.


They may lose points for having a name with two apostrophes (one of them borrowed from Caesars Palace, no doubt), and yes it is just three small poker tables dumped by the door.

But if you’ve never played poker at O’Shea’s – particularly on Karaoke night – you’ve missed out on the funnest poker experience on the Strip.  It always has the best view too.

Voters in this poll took themselves far too seriously and voted for the unwelcoming Bellagio poker room as the best place to play.

Do they have a house band that plays a cover of Tenacious D’s “Fuck Her Gently” (and clientele that know every single word to sing along) over there?

Didn’t think so.  Viva O’Shea’s!