August 2006
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Finally proof that I am great :)

Four way chop – $467 to me in the Caesars 11pm $70 tournament.

I’d actually planned only to play this tournament if I’d been eliminated from the 7pm ($220) instead, but Claire mentioned the word “curry” and so we ran off to Tamba in the Hawaiian Marketplace for a taste of England’s favourite food. My vindaloo was cracking, although like a little girl I asked for it medium hot. I’m sure that’s allowed in the Curry Code, if you can’t have any beer when you’re driving…

Finally everything fell into place at the right time. Every time I had the best hand it held up, and once I won with the worst hand too, calling a short stack’s TT with my 88. I found a few good spots to take down chips that should not have been mine. There was one situation that I had to play rather bizarrely though: I began by stealing the blinds with two players still to act when it looked like nobody was interested in playing. I had complete garbage, but I went with my instinct (which is the major improvement I feel I’ve made this trip – although I know there are still many more opportunities out there). The next hand it’s folded to me with KQs and I make the same raise and get the same result. The next hand I have a slightly better hand and slightly worse position – AJo. I just couldn’t bring myself to raise three hands straight without the third hand being a monster. The other players don’t have to be paying a great deal of attention to notice my sudden rush of aggression, and I didn’t want to be facing a reraise that looked like someone taking a stand with this hand. I’d probably have to call in that spot. So I just limp in and fold to a raise from the small blind. Weak, and I may as well have not played the hand at all.

At the start of the final table someone brought up the idea of a 9-way split for $250 each, but one player said no and nobody seemed bothered after that depite my usual calls of “7 way chop?”, “6 way chop?” as each player fell. With first prize standing at $900, I asked out loud what payout would trigger a W2 tax form (of course I already knew the answer was $600). I made sure to point out that if we kept playing and lost one more, a three way split would result in everyone getting just over $600. The other three immediately wanted to work something out to avoid paying any tax and based on chip count I got $467 of the $2070 remaining in the prize pool. Somewhat conveniently, the chip leader received $599.

So I’ve broken my streak finally. I don’t have to stay an extra week now!

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  • What was the vindaloo like? I went to tamba and it was closed, in new york I could not find a decent curry house anywhere so I am still waiting to have an “American” vindaloo.
    I`m planning a trip to Antarctica so hopefully I will have a better chance there.

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