December 2006
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A new month

A new month, so a new player points quota to hit to retain GoldStar status on PokerStars.  And retain it I must, because I know I’ll never actually get around to redeeming my FPPs this month and most of the stuff I want is for GoldStar and higher.

Now I know I said I was gonna keep plugging away at $2/$4 and probably rack up 10,000 hands this month, but it was doing my head in.  I had to take a break, so I spent some time playing $50NL and $100NL and the occasional pot-limit table.  Had moderate success but don’t have anything like enough hands to know whether I’m really going to turn a long-term profit on those games.

I have been given a hot tip though, a site to play at that is apparently very soft.  I take this with a pinch of salt, although the reasoning makes sense.  It’s a bookmaker that has just added poker and is marketing it exclusively to its existing sports bettors.  If it’s any good I’ll be sure to comment, and if it’s not then I’ll probably even name it 🙂  Only have a couple of sessions, but when I doubled up on $100 NL with my TT flopping top set against a T2 eventually made two pair, it seemed like a good start.  Yummy.

It’s time to focus again, so I’m back to mutli-tabling fixed limit.  For a while at least.  I have a hypothesis from today’s session: $3/$6 is a better game for me than $2/$4 on PokerStars.  Yes I know it’s a small sample size and one winning session doesn’t make me a champ, but for the first time in ages I felt comfortable at these tables.  I’d started at $2/$4 but seen that there were four tables at $3/$6 that were considerably looser – about 35% VPIP – and hardly any waiting list for any of them.  They played much more like the $2/$4 I was used to from PokerRoom, before they dumped their American players.  At times they even played like the fantastic $2/$4 games in Vegas with 6 or 7 players to a flop.  Definitely going to be keeping a closer eye over the weekend and see if I can find out whether I’m better suited to $3/$6.