March 2007
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Dusk Till Dawn on the horizon

Simon "Aces" Trumper clearly doesn’t have a great deal to do until Dusk Till Dawn opens, which will be next month if everything goes to plan.  In the meantime he’s been staying busy by making hundreds, if not thousands, of thinly-disguised sales calls. 

Geoff told me over a week ago he’d had a call from the Late Night Poker champion-turned-commentator (ok I admit it, I put in that second link mostly because my name is on the page).  I don’t think he was particularly starstruck, but it was definitely something that doesn’t happen every day.  I’ve seen various posts to poker forums also bragging about similar brushes with the bald and famous – famous that is among Late Night Poker viewers from getting on for a decade ago – and it’s just taken him a while to get around to everyone, but today it was finally my turn.  I sent an anonymous call to voicemail – it turns out that TV poker stars do withhold caller ID – and later I picked up this message.

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The $5000 added money tournament on sunday sounds good value, but with a $1 tournament don’t expect the actual buy-ins to have any significant impact on the payouts, or for anybody to play sensibly in the least.  It’s may as well be a freeroll for anyone who has made a real money deposit.

This is the picture I was sent by email of what the club might look like when it’s finished.  Artist’s impression, apparently, so looks like there’s still some work to be done before they can open.

Trumper is DTD’s live poker manager, so it’s understandable he might not have that much to do, not actually having a cardroom to manage until the club is granted its gaming license (still not a certainty, although they have pass the hurdle of obtaining consent from the Gaming Commission) and opens its doors in April. 

Really though, these personal phone calls are a very nice touch, and I’m sure very effective.  Having applied for a license through the same procedures that a regular casino would be required to follow, but remaining firm that they will not offer any house-banked games – a frankly daft decision, when poker generates such little revenue in comparison to any of the sucker games they could also provide – they will need to get as many people as possible through the doors as soon as it opens.  I wish them the best of luck.

However, signs suggest their online poker might not be doing too well.  This is an email that I received today and it’s one of the strangest I ever saw.  There’s not even a hint of suggestion as to why this is where you should be playing online, let alone any signup or deposit bonuses, or featured tournaments.  Is this really any more than just a begging letter?

We are having a big push THIS Monday to try and get the highest level of rake on the site that we have achieved to date.

With this in mind we are all contacting all our poker friends and those associated with DuskTillDawn to ask them to help us in this endeavour.
I shall be grateful, therefore , if you can help by putting in as much effort as you can this Monday (26 March) to play on DTDPoker for as long as possible from 4am Monday to 4am Tuesday.
Thank you in advance for your help
Paul Jackson
Online Poker Director

I can’t quite work out what the incentive is to play, other than DTD wants your money and wants it not now, not over the weekend, but on Monday.  I must be forgetting the community spirit when a group of people who don’t know each other – and won’t recognise each other – band together to boost a company’s profits.

EDIT: 248 entries, prize pool $5248.  Good job.