March 2007
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Roulette excitement. Almost.

Roulette is not the most thrilling game anyway, but I can appreciate the recording of the £30 I bet with Sporting Index this weekend that didn’t actually cost me anything was pretty much at the bottom end of the excitement scale.  Even for me, whose money was almost at risk.

This one is slightly better.  Ashley Revell bets his life savings on red.

Yes, it’s old news, but I never thought to look for it online before and I’m glad I finally did.  When this was on TV, the sound quality was all over the place but in this version you can hear what the dealer is saying to him (just try to ignore the DIY Tarantino soundrack).  Sky One had to rush to get the program out on time.  It was meant to be live from the Hard Rock, but they changed their mind about accepting the bet and in the end the Plaza stepped up but it wasn’t allowed to be broadcast live.

For a bet of this size, I think they have every right to be paranoid.  The rule that the bet must to be placed before the ball has travelled twice around the wheel is to eliminate the use of any computer devices that can calculate where the ball will land from its speed.  Even so, such a device is only accurate in predicting a segment of the wheel (its users have to know the arrangement of numbers on the roulette wheel and bet accordingly) so it’s unlikely to be significant on a red/black bet.

The Plaza still have a sign on the "lucky" table to commemorate their huge loss.

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