June 2007
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Stuck $500

My shot at NL100 lasted just over 3500 hands.  I lost the 5 buy-ins I’d allowed myself, mostly in spectacular fashion.

I’ve never seen so many flopped sets get beaten!  It’s pretty difficult to say how I thought I was playing at that level, because whenever it felt like I’d got going, the doomswitch flipped in and spoilt it all.

Spoken like a true loser, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Really, five buy ins just isn’t enough to know for sure – my last two major beats alone could have been a $320 swing in the right direction if the poker gods had just smiled in my direction a little.  After being so close to getting back even, too…

I did have some rotten luck, but I also came up against both players who were tougher than at 50NL and, apparently, also more terrible moves than I’d seen at that level.  I wasn’t quite sure how to adjust to this mix, or even whether the guys calling me down with bottom pair were really that bad, or just had a good sense of when to do that and it worked out for them often enough that they could afford to keep up this image.  Oh for a few thousand more hands to try to find out…

NL50 definitely seems more weak-tight, and either my style already suited that game, or I’d already adapted to playing in those conditions.  I know there’s some adjustments I still need to make to do better at NL100 the next time I get there.  Assuming that I can grind my way back up, and I wasn’t just on a 40 buy-in upswing all along…

But for now it’s as I was just three days ago.  Wow, that’s a bit depressing, but I need to stay patient, try to forget anything I was trying to do to adjust to NL100, and above all remember that $2 pre-flop isn’t a minimum raise any more.

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