October 2007
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No bad beats

There are no bad beats in Blackjack – one of the reasons I’ve been enjoying playing it so much lately.  What’s the worst that’s going to happen?  You’ve made a 20 and the dealer shows  a 6.  Two hits later he’s got 21 and you lose.  It sucks, but he’s going to beat you about 10% of the time here.

So it has to be a particularly lucky or unlucky streak to make it worth talking about, let alone posting a hand history – something I never thought I’d be doing.

I signed up a new account to William Hill Casino in a friend’s name.  This is a trusting friend who isn’t exactly up to speed with where I’m gambling on their behalf, but it’s an arrangement that works great for me – I need more friends like that!

This gave me another go at their £50 signup bonus before it finishes at the end of this month – apparently to be replaced by a new and improved monthly bonus, which we’ll have to wait and see but I would expect it means one of the easiest casino signup bonuses is not going to be around much longer.

So this series of hands (raw hand history here) is the first ten hands I played using that account.  Every single one of them lost.  Bad karma for cheating the system perhaps, but it definitely demonstrates that there’s no such thing as "new depositors’ luck" at this site.

No casino operator with a clue and the ability to rig things even slightly would want a new player’s first experience to be ten losing hands of blackjack.  The odds are about 700-1 against.

Hand 1:
I’m dealt 17 and stand.  Dealer shows a 4, turns over another 4, then hits an 8 and then a 2 making 18.

Hand 2:
I stand on 18.  Dealer shows a 2, turns over a 3, then hits a ten and a 5 for a winning 20.

Hand 3: Another 17.  Dealer shown 8 and obviously has a ten in the hole.

Hand 4: With Q, 2 and dealer showing an ace I have to hit my 12.  I draw a ten to bust.

Hand 5: Dealer shows another ace and I bust after hitting my T, 6 and drawing a 9.

Hand 6: With a dealt 7, 3 at least I can’t bust with a single hit.  Best I can do though is another 7, which isn’t nearly enough to beat the dealer’s J, K for 20.

Hand 7: Perhaps 18 can win this time with my T, 8 against a dealer’s upcard 3.  Nope.  He’s got a 9 under there, makes it a promising 15 and pulls a miracle 5 for yet another 20.

Hand 8:  I have to double down on my 4, 5 against the dealer’s 4 and only manage to muster a 3.  Twelve doesn’t beat much, let alone the dealer’s piss-taking 21.

Hand 9: Soft 18 is a stand against the dealer’s 2.  Can he beat it?  Yes he can: K in the hole, and 8 makes 20.

Hand 10: Can’t split a pair of 7s when the dealer shows a ten, so I hit it.  At least the 4 doesn’t bust me, but 18 isn’t enough.  A 3 in the hole is promising at first, then he hits a 2 and 4 for 19.  Of course.