December 2007
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The 21 days of Christmas

With just one week to go, it’s officially close enough to Christmas to start thinking about it now.  So first up how about a little Christmas music, courtesy of Mr Richard Cheese…

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Seven days to Christmas means it’s just five days to Vegas baby!  They don’t make an advent calendar for that, but it’s tradition for us to have a countdown to any trip in the living room using oversized playing cards.  From three weeks away, a different blackjack hand shows the number of days left until it’s time to gamble.

Hit me.

I’ve already spoilt the surprise of BMI’s Christmas present to me this year.  Yet again they’ve rewarded us for being loyal customers and booking months in advance by losing our window/aisle seat reservations.  When I called to check last week there were no adjacent window/aisle seats left.  The very same thing happened in the summer, except then I didn’t find out until I got to the airport.

The guy I spoke to thought he was being helpful by offering one window seat and one aisle seat just one row apart, but he really wasn’t.  Isn’t it in Seat Booking 101 to keep adjacent seats free rather than just plonking passengers randomly around the plane?  Whoever had requested the window seat must be on his own, even if the person behind him in the aisle seat is not (benefit of the doubt: they could have booked a group on either side of the aisle) so why not put those two passengers in the same row?

It could be the last time we’ll pay to fly with BMI anyway, with MaxJet being comparable on price for the peak dates we usually have to travel and all business-class too – it’s a no-brainer.

Anyway, back to Christmas.

Do I need to do much more than post a picture of Mr Terrible dressed as an elf, and wrapped up in Christmas lights to get into the festive spirit?

No, apparently not.