October 2008
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You know Las Vegas is desperate for visitors when…

… the Wynn wants to pay me to stay there.

The Wynn.  Me.  Really.

I always like receiving mailshots from the Wynn.  Their emails and printed mailers all have that fabulous De La Soul kind of flowery pattern on – the same one they have on their most excellent carpet.

I don’t really know how on earth this trippy flower experiment ended up in a high brow hotel, I’m probably missing the point.  I just like it cos it’s busy and colourful.  I wish they sold shirts with the design on, but sadly they don’t.

As attractive as their mailers are, they don’t usually have great offers.  I guess they’re reasonable deals but even a discounted room rate at a hotel which is normally $300/night is going to be more than I’d like to spend to stay in Las Vegas for a week.

This one, however, bucks the trend.

$119 for the room is one of the best I’ve seen, but to sweeten the deal they’ll also throw in $150 of slot play.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s an amazing deal – and that if you take it for just one night then it’s instantly +EV.

If you want to push that edge, the Wynn has plenty of video poker at 99.5% payback which would make it a 75c theoretical loss if you cycle the free play through once.

$119 for the room, $0.75 to unlock the free cash.  They’d be paying me $30.25 to stay there.

Oh there’s tax and stuff too.  But I bet they have some really nice soap to nick from the rooms.