October 2008
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You know Las Vegas is desperate for visitors when…

… the Wynn wants to pay me to stay there.

The Wynn.  Me.  Really.

I always like receiving mailshots from the Wynn.  Their emails and printed mailers all have that fabulous De La Soul kind of flowery pattern on – the same one they have on their most excellent carpet.

I don’t really know how on earth this trippy flower experiment ended up in a high brow hotel, I’m probably missing the point.  I just like it cos it’s busy and colourful.  I wish they sold shirts with the design on, but sadly they don’t.

As attractive as their mailers are, they don’t usually have great offers.  I guess they’re reasonable deals but even a discounted room rate at a hotel which is normally $300/night is going to be more than I’d like to spend to stay in Las Vegas for a week.

This one, however, bucks the trend.

$119 for the room is one of the best I’ve seen, but to sweeten the deal they’ll also throw in $150 of slot play.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that’s an amazing deal – and that if you take it for just one night then it’s instantly +EV.

If you want to push that edge, the Wynn has plenty of video poker at 99.5% payback which would make it a 75c theoretical loss if you cycle the free play through once.

$119 for the room, $0.75 to unlock the free cash.  They’d be paying me $30.25 to stay there.

Oh there’s tax and stuff too.  But I bet they have some really nice soap to nick from the rooms.

6 comments to You know Las Vegas is desperate for visitors when…

  • James

    That offer is amazing ar eyou going to do it?

  • Victor G Foster

    I found your site by chance – I will keep my eye on your site so that when I book to go back to vegas for WSOP 2009 I hope to get some great deals from some of the offers that seem to come your way.

    I have been going to vegas once or twice a year for the last 15 years [sometimes for conventions and other as holiday]

    The strip is getting expensive and I am planning to stay at the Gold Coast – across the road from Rio – am just waiting for the dates of WSOP 2009.

    last year did not cash in the WSOP tournies, but did well playing NL and paid my way. Did well in other tournies and now have a IRS tax ref:

    I play at the Vic from time to time – keep all the info coming


  • I think it’s probably worth it, even though I don’t need the room. You have to call to book though or I’d have done it already! For someone who appreciates the finer things (which, clearly, I don’t) it’s a complete bargain even withoutthe slot play.

  • Hi Vic, thanks for the message. The strip prices had been getting pretty high the last few years but everything seems to have crased lately.

    I’ve seen some amazing offers recently. The Stratosphere (my original home) was back down to $29/night which I haven’t seen for a few years. I’ve seen the Mirage at $79 and Bellagio for $119 with a guaranteed lake view. That’s pretty amazing. These must be general offers because I have virtually no play history with MGM.

    There’s also deals for Planet Hollywood with slot play and buffets included that work out so that you get the room virtually free, which I’m tempted by just to see which movie theme I got in the room!

    The Rio deal for $45 just with a coupon code was definitely a highlight (even though it devalues my total rewards comps quite a bit!) – but I can’t see there being anything like this for the WSOP. Gold Coast is usually good value though though, and it’s almost as close to the WSOP as some of the Rio rooms 🙂

    Anyway, If any of WSOP 2009 happens to overlap my summer trip next year (we fly July 24th, it’s been just too late the past 2 years) I might very well have comps to spare, watch this space!

  • Hank

    99% payout is unpredictable in the short run ($150), you know that!!

    The offer is good regardless, I hope you hit a royal!

  • Wynn Las Vegas must be in serious trouble.What other explanation is there for an apparently recession-proof world class hotel, whose typical clientel are supposed to be the kind of folks who don’t even notice when the rest of the world runs out of money,

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