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Warm and cuddly rooms

I’m a bit disappointed that Four Queens haven’t started sending me any offers yet.  The amount of play needed to max out their excellent summer promotion was also meant to be enough to start getting me free room mailers. 

Maybe it’s too early still, or maybe as that’s the only time I’ve ever played there (on my players card, at least!) they’re going to wait until I play again without a massive edge before giving me anything for free.

Still, Claire has been getting room offers from them for a couple of years and this month it’s suddenly been upgraded.  I don’t know if this counts as a full RFB comp (it would be our first if it is) but the deal reads:

A complimentary warm and cuddly room for three nights.

Delicious food in Magnolia’s Veranda, Chicago Brewing Company, Queens Coffee & Deli, Room Service, and one dinner for two in our gourmet restaurant, Hugo’s Cellar.

A special Winter Wonderland gift basket will be delivered to your room during your stay.

In the small print it does say "food limits apply", but they list almost everywhere there is to eat in the hotel and then there’s a dinner at Hugo’s as well.  It’s definitely more than one meal for free – it could easily be all of them!

Unfortunately this invitation is only good for one weekend in November, but Claire is going to contact a host to see what they can do for us at Christmas.  Definitely has potential.

A comped hotel room for New Year’s Eve and a free Christmas dinner would be living the dream.  I don’t think we’re quite there yet though!

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  • James

    Bizarre way to describe a room in Vegas, shame silly school does not allow a November trip. I would solve the problem of that long gap between summer and christmas

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