July 2007
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Day 2: But it should be a dry heat..

Shouldn’t we have left the rain behind?  It’s cleared up a bit now, but it was a very wet morning – for the desert, at least.  It’s probably gorgeous back in England, but if it is, please don’t hurry to tell me.

It gets real slippy here when it rains.  When the temperature has been in three figures for the past couple of months, there’s a fair amount of rubber residue on pretty much every road.  As well as having the "mid-size" 3.7L Jeep we rented slide around a bit – in addition to the "increased risk of tipping" that it helpfully advises on the sun visor – we already saw a nasty accident on Flamingo first thing this morning, which was backing up traffic past the Palms.  Well, that was first thing for anyone who isn’t jet-lagged.  By then we’d already earned enough comp points at Terrible’s for four free breakfast buffets, and redeemed two of them.

It only took about 40 minutes of video poker to earn these (and two more in the bank) so how bad does a free buffet have to be before you ask for your money back?  This one certainly came close, and that’s saying something because I’m really not fussy about quality.  If it’s edible and there’s plenty of it, I’m usually satisfied – especially when I’m not paying for it. 

While I still managed to fuel up on enough pastries to make it worth the $4.99 advertised value (which nobody will actually pay) what I want to know is how come all the hot food was cold already, when we were there when it opened at 7am on the dot?

OK, it’s not the Wynn, but it’s also not $17.95 each.  I can’t expect many different types of egg (in fact, I heard that at the Wynn there are two different types of Eggs Benedict alone; Terribles choice was scrambled, or nothing) but I don’t think it’s too much to expect the eggs – or the bacon, sausage, potato or pancakes – to be warm.

It got lighter this morning earlier than I expected and by 6am it was no longer dark enough to take the night shots of Vegas that I wanted, so I only got one session from the top of the MGM parking structure.  It’s a pretty good view of the MGM itself and Hooters, with Mandalay Bay and Luxor visible from a distance.

Although I’m still getting used to my new camera, this photo has made me feel a bit better about splurging nearly £300 for a super wide angle lens.

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