December 2008
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Winner winner Christmas dinner


This post contains links to the 2008 Christmas menus.

If you are looking for the 2009 information, click here


I noticed that some of the Las Vegas hotels have published their Christmas Day menus now.

In fact, I’ve already found lots of places offering a special seasonal menu on the 25th.  Most of them even have turkey, which is cool because I didn’t think turkey for Christmas was a big deal in America.

Most of these restaurants are in Harrah’s casinos.  They seem to be on the ball with getting their menus out there, but it must help that everything is housed under one web site.  Whereas the MGM Mirage web sites are all over the place.  I found some info for the MGM Grand but nothing yet for any of their other properties.

The seletion at Paris is impressive.  Five different restaurants doing a Christmas menu (7 in total if you count the Paris/Bally’s complex as a single property) and that even includes a choice of turkey burger or turkey sandwich at Burger Brasserie.  I have to admit I’m intrigued, but I was looking for something a little more traditional.

Bottom of the pile has to be the Christmas Day buffet at Imperial Palace.  The $16.99 price tag is a good indication not to expect much from this – that’s still cheaper than a standard dinner buffet at all the other Harrah’s casinos.

Bally’s: Al Dente Sidewalk Cafe

Caesars Palace: Augustus Cafe Neros

Flamingo: Garden Buffet Steakhouse 46 Tropical Breeze Cafe

Harrah’s: Cafe Flavors Buffet The Range Steakhouse

Imperial Palace: Embers Emperor’s Buffet Teahouse

MGM Grand: Nob Hill Wolfgang Puck’s

Orleans: Canal Street Prime Rib Loft

Paris: Les Artistes Burger Brasserie Le Cafe Le Provencal Le Village Buffet

Rio: All American Bar & Grille Cafe Martorano’s Carnival Buffet

This list serves as a reference for myself as much as anything (although the Crown and Anchor is currently first choice, it doesn’t hurt to keep options open) but people may be seaching the net for “Las Vegas Christmas Dinner” and stumble on this.  I know I’ve done that search in the past and found very little so I hope it’s useful.

I’ll update the list as and when I find more info.


Crown and Anchor menu now online.

Go posh at Terrible’s buffet.