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WSOP Registration Hotline

This is a complete misnoma.  I just called the WSOP Registration Hotline to check on my entry – it’s been two weeks since I faxed over my form and wired the money and I’ve not heard a peep.  Not asking for much, just an email to say "thanks, we got your money" would do.

I really don’t think there’s any reason to be suspicious of Harrah’s, and I can understand that they’re going to be a little busy processing mountains of registrations so it could take a while.  I just want to know that my money got to the right place, and they know what it’s for.

Given that when I was calling Citibank to set up the wire, they read aloud to confirm the spelling of "N-E-V-A-R-D-A", even with the written confirmation they’ve sent to me, there’s still just a niggling fear that it hasn’t gone right.

The most interesting mistake I’ve seen Citibank make is when I applied for casino credit at the Stratosphere – they faxed through an account summary stating my average balance as $487,317.  Very specific and very, very wrong I’m sorry to say.  Sadly this didn’t impress the casnio enough to make them throw any free stuff at us.

So the WSOP Hotline: 1-877-FOR-WSOP.  After over four minutes of recorded blurb telling me just how great this year’s event is going to be I press the button for "if you have any questions".  Alas, there’s no human on this number though.  I’m given the option to leave a recorded message, and someone will get back to me within 72 hours.

Not very hot at all really.

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  • After nearly five weeks I finally have confirmation of my entry into WSOP event 37!I’ve said previously about the so-called registration hotline and my failure to reach a human and since then a kind poster on the 2+2 WSOP Forum sent me the number for the

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