July 2006
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Las Vegas is back on TV

The cheese on toast that is Las Vegas is finally back on Sky One for a third season.  Not content with using and abusing every possible Vegas cliche already, they had to end the second series with a casino being imploded, and now it’s been rebuilt.

The most impressive thing is that during the construction work, the Montecito hotel appears to have moved a couple of miles along the Las Vegas strip!  In the previous seasons, there were some fairly clever computer generated shots of a shiny fake hotel sitting across the road from Mandalay Bay.  This is the south end of the strip and keep going any further south and you get to see not a lot more than desert, the airport and a freeway intersection.

This is roughly the site of the Klondike casino, as featured in the movie Miss Congeniality 2 – semi-essential Vegas viewing, and although far from a great movie, it’s really not that bad for an unnecessary sequel to a film about a beauty pageant….  The Klondike is 45 years old, and is actually due to be getting knocked down itself any day now (although I don’t think an implosion will be necessary on this tiny place!). 

So then there’s a shot of the strip from a distance in the season opening episode of Las Vegas that shows the all new Montecito glimmering in the distance, right between Aladdin and New York New YorkMonte Carlo has been obliterated, and Manadalay Bay stands alone at the right of the screen.

You can be absolutely certain that if it moves again I’ll be taking notice!  In fact I’m starting to wish I’d burned a copy to DVD so I could post a picture 🙂  There must be someoneelse who cares about this stuff as much as me…?