July 2006
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Cheapo update

The mission to not pay full price for food failed when I had to fend for myself at the Rio on a break, and I ventured into the "Poker Kitchen".  This is a token effort, basically a tent plonked just outside the emergency exits at the back of the convention centre, and it’s far from great.  I queued for ten minutes at the hot dog and burger counter.  The hot dogs were "still frozen" and the burgers were "going to be a while".  So I had to grab a really stodgy sandwich for $6, a bag of crisps for $2 and a snickers for $1.50.  Poor value, poor service and it made me miss three hands because I was waiting around so long.

Anyway, we were back on form yesterday at Ellis Island.  This place is fantastic value even without a discount, but with a 2-for-1 it’s unbelievable.  I had a Frisco Burger, which is served on sourdough bread and sliced in two like a sandwich.  Yummy.  Claire had fish and chips, which she said was great.  In total with drinks the bill came to $9.54.  Total bargain.

Then it was matchplay time.  We had no luck with the matchplays last trip and particularly at Terrible’s where we lost every single one.  Things started the same way this time at Ellis Island with a $5 and a $10 matchplay.  We both lost.

So back to Terribles and not expecting much, we had two coupons for Roulette – bet $5 win $7 – which we played on red and odd and hit red 21 for a $14 profit.  Almost back even.

For blackjack at Terribles we were on the "coupon table" as the dealer pointed out.  Three of the four players were there for a single hand with a matchplay!  We had 2 x $10, one won one lost for a profit of $10.

Also had $5 free slot credit at the Venetian, which didn’t do any good.  Four max bet spins at 25c video poker and it was gone in a flash.

So far: Up $9 and well fed !

Where else in the world would this happen?

First let’s replicate some classic European architecture.

Then let’s use it as a giant advertising pole.

 The Venetian apparently has a new show…

Official Photos

These are the official event photos of yours truly from Wednesday. Strangely I’m more interested in getting a copy of one of these than I was for my graduation photo… 1 2 3 4 5 6