July 2006
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More updates on the way, honest

I’ve now set aside a place to work and got myself a desk (actually a very nifty "laptop cart" which I’m goint to have to try and bring back.. should be fun!) and an 88c screwdriver to put it together so the routine starts from next week.  The plan is to work mornings and some afternoons and then do Vegas stuff in the evenings, and the other afternoons.  I’ll have more chance to keep the blog up to date then too.  Meantime, a few random updates:

The cheap food keeps coming, with another fully comped meal at Sams Town (and still many points to spare!), and twofers at Sunset Station (which is just down the road really) and Golden Gate.  The Bay City Diner at Golden Gate was a good find (never really even noticed it before) and I think we’ll be going back soon.

I’ve played mostly $2/$4 so far, with winning sessions at Excalibur (+$23) and the Fitz (+$57) and losing at Imperial Palace (-$29).  Was way ahead at IP for ages, then took a beating with AA getting cracked twice in massive pots.  Loved the action though with a bet and a raise ahead of me, and I was against AJs and 67s, who both got their flush on the river.  Our table at the Fitz had three generations of calling station, with daughter, dad and grandmother all playing together.

Also witnessed The Worst River Call In The World Ever Part One at the IP.  First player bets, second player raises but then shows his hand before first player does anything.  He has made a full house, sixes full, with 63.  The first player thinks for a while, looks at her hand, then calls anyway with trip 6s, jack kicker.  Maybe she thought he still deserved the extra bet.  We stayed in this game for quite a while…

I also ventured into my first no-limit cash game, although I did it all wrong really.  I went to Sunset Station and sat at a $1-$3 NL table full of rocks to try to get an idea for how it played.  This was not a typical Vegas game as it’s only full of locals who clearly know each other and how each other play.  I expected to donate whilst learning unless I got lucky but it didn’t cost too much really, coming away about $70 lighter than I sat down with.  I was mostly playing short stacked and scared (I was expecting this to be a $1-$2 game, not $1-$3 – I only went there because it’s the closest casino to our house), the purpose really only being to try to be comfortable sitting at a no-limit table and trying to see what opportunities to look for.  It’ll take some getting used to, but I’m going to try it again.  Probably $1-$2 next time, and probably a tourist game because these guys weren’t giving much away.