October 2006
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T minus 286

There was never really any doubt that Claire and I would be heading to Vegas for the summer again next year.  I just didn’t expect that we’d book it this soon.  Last year the flight prices were hideous this time of year before a promotion kicked in on Christmas Eve and we snapped up the seats in a flash.

So when the diamond club reservations system showed availability for the first four weeks of the school holidays – the first time I’ve ever seen it show dates to Vegas that would be vaguely useful to us – we snapped them up even quicker.  Best deal ever – two flights in the summer for just £240 (just the cost of the taxes, plus 90,000 miles).

Between us we actually had enough miles for two free business class flights.  This was a tough decision, but not being able to combine the miles using online booking, and really not wanting to wait until we can speak to someone to nail down those flights (I’m completely paranoid about losing them once we find a good deal) we made the booking on economy.  I’m going to call in the morning and see if there’s any way we can use Claire’s miles now to upgrade, but even if not … what a bargain!

So that’s virtually my entire diamond club balance gone, but the countdown to Summer O’ Poker III can officially begin.  Two hundred and eighty six long and probably wet days.

I don’t think this will be our next Vegas trip though.  If for no other reason (and let’s face it, any excuse is a good excuse) we need to go at least once more before the summer to maintain silver status with BMI.  Possibly twice :)   With the current promotion of 3x miles on all flights before the end of the year, and 50% extra on all Las Vegas flights until the end of October, if we can fit in a trip in half term then it’s virtually a free flight.  There’s a £500 premium economy ticket that almost has my name on it.  Just need to find out if Claire’s "training day" on the Monday is an actual training day or a teachers bonus day.

With 50% extra miles on premium, plus the promotions, we’re looking at somewhere between 50,000 and 75,000 miles depending on just how the offers combine.  45,000 miles gets you an economy flight to the USA.  Can we say +EV!

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  • Three hundred and eighteen days until we leave for Chrismas in Vegas 2007 Couldn’t resist it when I saw BMI flights available for just over £500 each including taxes.  Did you know that the tax when you fly from the UK is about £130, but for the return

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