January 2007
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Football update

Thanks to the miracle of Sky+ I’m about to start watching New York Giants @ Philadelphia even though it started an hour and a half ago.

But by way of an update – woohoo, I’m five for five so far!

One more to go.  I need NYG to win or lose by less than seven, and it’s a hundred and fifty quid in the bank baby!  High roller or what?

EXCITING (for me) UPDATE: NYG 20 – 23 PHI!

Wildcard weekend

"See those blue and silver guys, Maggie? They’re the Dallas Cowboys. They’re Daddy’s favorite team, and he wants them to lose by at least three points." — Homer Simpson

I’m 3 for 3 on my NFL bets this weekend so far 🙂  I’d hurried a couple of paylays on just before everything kicked off last night, leaving it all to the last minute as usual.  No time to shop around, the price was Dallas+2 against Seattle.  A two point spread is probably the least useful of all football bets when you’re backing the underdog, and I’d usualy try to take the team as a straight win to get better than even money when they win.

I mean, really, how often does a 2 point dog cover the spread without winning?

But once there was a possibility that it could happen, in between skipping the commercials in the second wildcard game this morning, the crazy gambler inside me took over, and that was the score I wanted.  It took one of the most bizarre plays I’ve ever seen – a Dallas fumble on their own goal line that everybody and their dog had a piece of, ruled first as a touchdown and after review as a safety – followed by a quick Seattle score and failed 2-point conversion.  But then, with four and a half minutes to play, we were staring a one point ball game in the face and the clock couldn’t run down fast enough!

Probably the most exciting game I’ve watched all season, and there’s me willing the score to stay the same.  It really didn’t matter.  As long as Seattle didn’t score again, I was winning, and that looked unlikely with the time remaining.  So I was just holding out for the "glamour" win.

And then, as it was probably my fault that Dallas fumbled a 19 yard field goal attempt with just over a minute to go, I couldn’t help feeling just a little bit disappointed for them when it actualy did end 20-21.

Perhaps they don’t know how powerful I am.. 😉

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