January 2007
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UltimateBet encourages multi-accounting!

This makes no sense at all.  I’ve cashed out.

Dear  luckydonut,

Thank you for contacting us.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience; however, in order for us to assist you further on your deposit issue you must open a new account under a different username.

Please contact us back from your new account and we will gladly provide with the assistance that you need.

Obligatory Photo Post

Something old.  The Stardust on death row.  The number of windows remaining decreased throughout the week.  By Friday you could look straight through and see Boulder Station from one direction, and the Wynn from the other.  Implosion is exected some time in March.

Something new.  Just one of the many ways Harrah’s continues to downgrade Caesars Palace.  If it’s so bad it’s good, like hanging huge pictures of David Hasslehoff doing jazz hands from the fake Arc de Triomphe, I can appreciate it.  However this is just skin-crawlingly tasteless.

Something broken.  When keno channels go bad.

Something green.  This is what $500 in "casino credit" looks like.  Oh look, it’s Celine Dion again.

Something tall.  The Stratosphere from a random angle, but I kinda like this shot.  "Home to the world’s highest roller-coaster", boasts the video they play you as the BMI plane touches down.  Not for a couple of years it’s not been… it’s basically just one big commercial for Dollar car rental anyway, but – as you’d expect – it’s already horribly out of date.

Something dark.  Westward Ho is just rubble now but it looks like the sign is waiting to be taken to the Neon Museum.

Something handsome.  Best carpet in town, at the soon-to-be Planet Hollywood.  Let’s hope they’ve changed enough to actually get rid of the jinx this time.