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Live updates: EPT London Satellite

I’ve had to set this all up in advance in case I can’t get online while I’m in London.  Haven’t even decided if I’m taking my laptop yet, because I can’t check into my hotel until after 1pm and the tournament starts at – obviously – 1pm.  So I think I’ll have to travel light.

So here is the live update graph for the benefit of the new and improved 11-man Team Donut: Darren, David, Geoff, Jill, Kevin, Larry, Matt, Paul, Rich, Vicky and Vij.  I should get some football shirts made up or something.  Who wants to be goalie?

Click the thumbnail graph to see the full size version on, which I really honestly will finish some time soon, then write the instructions for it and consider making a bit prettier.  Meantime, if anyone else wants to give it a try to create your own chip graphs with real time text-message updates, give it a spin and drop me a line if you hit any problems.  The main thing – the actual graph – does work!

As things stand, I didn’t quite raise enough stake to play both satellites although it’s close (24% sold, I would need at least 30%) so there’s a chance that I will get more and still be able to play them both anyway.  But unless I post here otherwise before kick off, or use one of the first text messages to my chip count graph to announce that I’ll be playing on both Saturday and Sunday, it’s just the one satellite this time.

I realised that it would be unfair to wait until after I’ve played the first tournament to see if I could convince myself to make up the shortfall, so I have to make this decision before things get going.  I have to draw a line somewhere, and I did originally say that it was 30%.  As promised, I’ll refund your stake if you only wanted to be involved with the two chances of qualification, rather than the larger share from one satellite.  Just make sure a message lands in my mailbox or post a comment here before 1pm Saturday.

I had no joy trying to book a free train this Saturday so I’ll end up travelling on an open ticket, which makes me pretty flexible and so I’ll take donations right up until the last minute.  It could still happen! 🙂

The chap I spoke to at Virgin Trains said he had no idea why every single West Coast train to and from London on Saturday was restricted (Friday and Sunday were just fine) but agreed with me that it was very strange.  Something must be going on, but I don’t know what.  Usually you can book a ticket right up to 6pm the night before; the seaside trains tend to have limited availability for comp tickets but I’ve not had to pay to get to London at the weekend in a long time!

EDIT @ 9am: I’ve made the 30% so it’s two satellites as planned.  Team list above updated 🙂

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