September 2007
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The triumphant return of Team Donut

After my spectacular break-even performance at the Orleans Open in July, I’ve decided to put together another sponsorship package for anybody who fancies a piece of my action.  It was great fun last time (not just for me, I’m told) with the live chip graphs and all the winning. So let’s give it another shot.

Well actually I’ll be trying to putting something together along the same lines for my Christmas Vegas trip.  I doubt there will be a festival on – it’s very unlikely over Christmas week (as it’s the quietest time of year) or over New Years (as everybody is too busy getting drunk, or getting their tits out, or watching others get their tits out) – so I’ve not quite worked it out yet.  I’m thinking it will probably be a crawl along four of the major cardrooms, playing whatever the best value tournament is at each.  It’s only a ten day trip, but I’m sure I can figure something out.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with another adventure to share.  This time it’s a real shot at greatness and fortune – albeit a long shot.  And I’ve left it until rather late to start begging for money too.

Two weeks today – Saturday September 21st – I intend to play a £330 super-satellite at The Vic to try to win entry into the EPT London Main Event.  That’s a £5500 buy-in, so there’ll be one seat awarded for every 18 players in the satellite.

I’m quite keen to double my chances of getting there by having two attempts to qualify via a satellite, and so I’m going to sell myself off in small chunks to try to get there.  Here’s the deal.

The bankroll I need for the two days rounds up to £700.  That’s 2x £330 for the poker, and I’ll use the other £40 towards accomodation in London – I don’t think that’s exactly taking the piss.  A 1% share will therefore cost £7.00.  I take many different payment methods – but a player-to-player transfer on a poker site is usually the easiest, and makes it easy to pay out winnings too.


That was for the benefit of anyone who was just skimming the blog.  They’ll go back and read this entry in ful now, maybe.

Ideally I want to sell 50% – a pretty big chunk, but that way I’ll still be paying the same amount to play as I was always going to but will have doubled my chances of making it to the Main Event.  This is more about the chance of getting to play in a major tournament than it is about winning a life-changing jackpot.  Although half of £750,000 isn’t exactly insignificant…

However, with just two weeks to go I’ll be amazed if I come anywhere close to that.  So:

If I sell 30% or more (£210) then I’ll definitely play two satellites.  It’ll cost me no more than £450 for the two stabs, and that’s just about within my budget.

If I sell less than 30%, I’ll only play one satellite.  I’ll offer backers the option to take double their percentage in the single tournament, or to withdraw completely for a refund.  So if you bought 5% for £35 and I only played one satellite, you’d could actually end up owning 10% of me when I make it into the money and onto the TV table.  With Vicky Coren sitting to both my left and my right, hopefully.

If I intend to play two satellites but win a seat in the first one, then I can’t double the percentages, or I’d end up with nothing left for myself!  So in that case if I was allowed to play the second and sell the seat, I would.  Otherwise I’d play another £330 tournament, like the second-chance event at the Vic on Saturday 29th.

Sounds good doesn’t it 🙂  To get involved or if you think you can pick holes in my masterplan, email chris at