September 2007
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Burn baby burn

A sign in my hotel room this weekend:

Surely they don’t mean these?

 I think they’d melt.

Time for another crapshoot

Worst £300 tournament ever?

3000 chips, 30 minute clock and skipping just about every other blind level.  They got me all excited to start with by giving out 5000 chips, then cruely taking them back.  When this happened one of the know-it-all regulars was saying how he’d prefer the larger stack but would want a faster clock, maybe 20 minutes.  Yeah, that would be swell.  Now fuck off and go play blackjack if you just want to take two cards and let somebody tell you if you won.

I didn’t really get going, then when I had to push – after just an hour and a half – my QT was called by another QT (fantastic) and then my pocket 3s ran into a bigger pair and I was done.  The board showed JJ99Q and the dealer tried to convince everyone that it was a split (I tip handsomely for this btw) but obviously the other guy’s tens played.  Hey, at least he was reading the hands and not just assuming that no 3 on board means I didn’t improve.

Even with just 40 people, this structure was too fast.  Yet, off I go again shortly to give it another go.  I had considered waiting until Monday evening after I discovered they had scheduled a 200-max satellite, but if it’s going to be a push fest the smaller field is less likely to be heartbreaking.

So, here’s the live update graph for today’s satellite (and I have set it up with the correct phone number for text updates now!).  Blink and you’ll miss it, probably.