August 2008
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Free shirt (yes, with an “R”)

It’s always a nice feeling when you find a ten pound note you didn’t know you had at the bottom of a pocket.

I just found £136 in Betfair that I’d completely forgotten about.  It kind of feels like Christmas, even though I know it was my money all along.

This time last year, I took advantage of a promotion on Centrebet for a free football shirt.  As a new player, if you bet £35 on the outright winner of the English Premiership, you were sent an online coupon code to spend at Subside Sports for about £42.

The coupon amount was just enough to buy any official team shirt (with shipping) but in fact you could spend it on anything at all and I actually got two different England shirts.

If you were in the market for such a garment anyway, this is a real bargain.  Instead of spending £40 on the shirt, spend £35 on a bet and get the shirt for free!  Then there’s always a chance your bet will win as as well!

However, I care so little about soccer any more that I decided to hedge it.  I picked Chelsea to win (a potential return of £101.50 for my £35 bet) and bet in the opposite direction on Betfair (laying £70 to return £105).

Best case: no loss; Worst case: I’m stuck £3.50. Whatever happens, you don’t lose your shirt (geddit?).

The downside to hedging is that you’re out £105 until the end of the season, and then you have to remember not to leave it gathering dust at an online bookmaker that you never ordinarily use.

Like I did, until today.

The same free shirt offer is running again this year and it’s only slightly different – now you have to bet £40 to get the freebie (valid to 30th Sept).  It’s still superb value.

I have an affiliate link and I’m not afraid to to use it: Get yer free shirt here!

EDIT: Shameless sell out that I am, I also have an affiliate link for Betfair now: Get a £25 free bet and use it to hedge your free shirt bet!

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