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Today’s video is brought to you by the colour red and the number 13

Online gambling… probably rigged… yada yada yada.  I had 13 straight roulette spins landing on red.

Unfortunately I didn’t record the action itself, but I made this video of scrolling through my session results history afterwards.  Just hit the play button and count along.

It’s like thousands to one against.

To be more precise, 8191-1 for a streak of either colour, or 4095-1 for either streak (because I’d still be writing this if it had been 13 blacks).

It’s not astronomical odds, but it’s enough to make you sit up and take notice.

Also, I was betting on red, even, low.  Only five numbers lose everything: 29, 31, 33, 35 and 0.  Losing 3 times in a row is a 404-1 shot, yet that’s what happened right before the 13 reds: 31, 31, 0.

Also, if you didn’t notice, the last 7 numbers were red and odd.

Draw your own wild conclusions.  Conspiracy theories are always welcome.

2 comments to Today’s video is brought to you by the colour red and the number 13

  • Kevin Stevens

    Do you really believe its rigged? I signed up with will hill online casino many moons ago. I had the flu and thought instead of going out and pissing £40 up the wall I’d treat myself to a flutter seeing as I was proper sick. There where lots of rich idiots thoring money at the roulette wheel, so all i did was wait for a big heavy bet to be placed and then bet against. I ran that £50 up to £1,700 in a few hours.

    lost the lost soon after, think I became the rich idiot!

  • Funny you should say that, I’ve heard of this happening before and my first thought after the 13 reds was that someone must have just been betting black heavily and the system needed to even out its distribution.

    But generally, no, I don’t think they’re rigged. I’ve plaed a LOT of blackjack to grind out small house edges against chunky deposit bonuses and pretty much I’ve tended towards expectation.

    Once I worked out the odds I figured it really wasn’t that unlikely I’d see this without needing to spend days upon end at the table.

    You would probably consider anything over 10 straight to be remarkable, yet the odds of ten of the same colour in a row are only 511-1 against. I’m staking £1.50 at a time to get through a £200 play requirement, so that’s 134 spins per week, so I was about “due” a 10-of-a-kind by now. And once you’re there, the odds of the next 3 coming the same are only 7-1 against.

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