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Worst Vegas TV Ever?

It’s T-23 before we head off to the bone-melting Nevada heat so it’s really time to start getting in the mood.  So, prompted by my DigiGuide renewal reminder, I’ve been searching for what Vegas related TV is coming up over the next few weeks and hit upon these gems that I’ve not seen before.

I promise – as ridiculous (or as ridiculously dull) as these sound, they are the genuine synopses from the TV guide.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.

FILM: Leprechaun 3
Warwick Davies returns as the nasty wee demon, and this time he’s on the loose in Las Vegas… but he’s not exactly bringing good luck with him.

COOKERY: United States of Reza
After officiating at a biker wedding in Vegas, Reza hits the road back to the airport.  As a last gesture, he stops at a classic burger bar and creates a curried hamburger.

FILM: Hell Squad
In order to rescue the son of a diplomat who has been kidnapped by terrorists, a group of Las Vegas showgirls undergo commando training and organize a rescue operation.

SITCOM: Two and a Half Men
On a boring, rainy weekend, Charlie persuades Alan and Jake to go on a trip with him to Las Vegas. When Jake becomes ill Judith forbids the trip.

I honestly do not think that I’ll be setting Sky+ for any of these.

Some good news though, the third season of cheese-fest show Las Vegas finally starts on Sky One next Friday!  Here’s some stunning episodes teasers from the official web site.

"Monica is furious that nothing can be done to stop a rich ‘whale’ who always wins at the tables while Mike (James Lesure) searches for a wallet-nabbing thief."

"Mike (James Lesure), Mary (Nikki Cox) and Delinda (Molly Sims) are amazed by the Montecito’s guest magician, Criss Angel, as he performs magic tricks for the Montecito patrons on the casino floor."

"Jilian (Cheryl Ladd) sprains her ankle and convinces Ed (James Caan) to walk the family dog at a local Dog Show."

Can’t wait..

1 comment to Worst Vegas TV Ever?

  • Hell squad sounds too good to be true.
    dancing girls, commandos kidnap, I never thought something that wonderfull could ever be done.
    Thanks for the heads up
    Interesting blogs btw
    something in the comment is sarcasm, guess which part!

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