July 2006
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Finally, confirmation!

After nearly five weeks I finally have confirmation of my entry into WSOP event 37!

I’ve said previously about the so-called registration hotline and my failure to reach a human and since then a kind poster on the 2+2 WSOP Forum sent me the number for the WSOP registration desk, but so far I’d still only managed to get a recorded message.

I’m loving reading that forum by the way, it’s really getting quite excited – even if most of the questions asked are along "can I walk from my hotel to the Rio".  It’s actually only about half a mile from the intersection of Flamingo and the Strip, but you’d be walking in oppressive heat over a busy freeway intersection – nowhere to stop and lovely fumes to inhale, and then still have to walk for 20 minutes to find the right end of the Rio itself!  Just take plenty of water, or you’ll probably die.

Anyway I’d left messages asking them to call me, email me – anything – to say whether my money had arrived and still no joy.  Finally today Claire convinced me that I should call the Rio’s main number and see if I could find anyone to speak to in person on a different extension.  In fact, I did and they were trying to be very helpful.

Firstly I spoke to Ron (or possibly Ray, I didn’t write it down) in the WSOP cage, who managed to confirm that my pre-registration fax had gone through but that I was unpaid.  He was only able to check my pre-registration because I managed to fish out my old Harrah’s Total Rewards card.  I hadn’t even written the number on the form because I thought it might have expired, but it would seem that Harrah’s have a very long memory…

So why was I unpaid, I asked.  He said I would have to go to the main casino cage and sign over the wire transfer to the WSOP when I arrived.  He tried to put me through to the cage so I could check they had my money but I got disconnected.

So I called back and asked for the casino cage.   They said I needed to speak to the WSOP cage and put me through before I could argue.  The phone line dropped again before anyone answered.

I called back to the WSOP cage and spoke to Ray (or maybe Ron, whichever one the first guy was not) and he said I’d need to talk to "will call", which I didn’t even know existed except if you’re going to see Penn and Teller.  They weren’t answering the phone, so good old Ray said he’d run over there himself and make sure they took the call.  Can’t fault the enthusiasm, if this is for real.  However I was on hold for a good 15 minutes before I finally gave up.

However, something went right along the way as I finally received this email this evening.  A huge relief!

Congratulations!!  The World Series of Poker is the most prestigious Poker event in the world.  This is a receipt for your payment of the Tournament Entry Fee of $1500 which reserves you a seat in WSOP Event #37 on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 12 noon.

Upon arrival at the RIO, to finalize your Registration and to receive your table and seat assignment, please visit our Registration Area, located in the WSOP Tournament Area.  You must complete your Tournament Registration at least one hour prior to your event.  Please be prepared to provide proof of identity via a Drivers License, Passport or Military I.D.

This year’s WSOP will no doubt be the largest and most exciting gaming event in history.  Harrahs continues to lead the industry in creating an innovative gaming experience for valued guests.  Harrahs and the Tournament Staff sincerely wish you, “GOOD LUCK!!”

Robert Daily
Tournament Director, World Series of Poker

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